Why should people choose a Roth IRA?

ROTH IRA’s (Individual Retirement Account) are flexible retirement accounts for individuals who are looking for a tax advantage retirement savings vehicle.  There are many ways in which ROTH IRA’s can be more beneficial than traditional IRA’s. One being that the account owner’s money grows tax-free.  Also, there are no minimums to open this type of retirement account. It is like a traditional IRA because the maximum contribution is the same ($6,000 per year).   It differs from other investment accounts because the money in the Read More

What you Need to Know about Mutual Funds & ETF’s

Mutual Funds A Mutual fund is a combination of many stocks and bonds. The mutual fund pools cash, giving the investor the ability to purchase small pieces of stocks, bonds, or a collection of assets, and simultaneously providing investors a cheap way to diversify and reap market gains, while still hedging against losses.  Professionals manage the Read More

What you Need to Know about Stocks & Bonds

Stocks A stock is an investment; when you purchase a company’s stock, you’re purchasing a small piece of that company.  The piece that you purchase is called a share.  When you own stock in a company, you are a shareholder because you share in the company’s profits or losses.  As a shareholder, you technically are part-owner of the company; Read More

Keep Calm (COVID-19) –

Coaching Our Clients Through a Crisis On behalf of Schenley Capital we wanted to reach out to make sure you and your family are safe and productive as we search for answers in uncertain times as these. We want to ensure you all that we are carefully reviewing all client portfolios and keepin a close Read More

A week’s worth of Volatility: Coronavirus

     The updated reports of the coronavirus have monopolized headlines and greatly impacted the public markets this week. The disease’s bearing on the global economy is very difficult to quantify, we have already seen the negative ramifications for the global communities and slowing markets for goods and services.  We believe that the influence on economies Read More

1000 Point Drop – Feb. 2020 Market

By: Elizabeth Genter Markets are Volatile – Prepare don’t predict  The market dropped yesterday -1,032 all headlines are about the Coronavirus. The previously steady market took a dramatic decline due to the ongoing news about the spread of the virus.  This subtle shift implies the market concern about supply chains and how businesses will continue to function as Read More

August 2019 Volatility

What happened in August?  August was a rough month, as the volatility continues.      August was head spinning, marked by many measures to be the most volatile month in 2019.  Even with a strong finish in the last week of the month, the market finished down 2%.      The top performing sectors in the S&P Read More

Recession and The FED

“We’ve asked the regions top wealth managers to respond to two questions.” 1. “If the current economic expansion lasts past July, it will be the longest in U.S. history. When do you expect the U.S. economy to enter into a recession?” 2. “After raising interest rates steadily for more than a year, the Federal Reserve Read More

Credit Cards: What You Need to Know

Looking to help your child start earning credit before going back to school? Looking for some new ideas on ways to earn points and rewards with credit cards? Read on for helpful information and ideas.  What is a Credit Card? Credit cards are similar to debit cards in transaction; instead of having the funds removed Read More